Why Silva Stamped Concrete?

A Name You Can Trust

Silva Stamped Concrete is a family owned, operated, licensed, and insured company. Unlike most companies that may tell you they have years of experience, we have been in the business for three decades to prove it. We’re also a full service company, not only do we do new installations but also offer future maintenance services such as washing and sealing.

Leonardo Botelho – Today’s President/Owner; Employee since 1989


Although there are dozens of ways to cut corners and save money while doing the job from start to finish, we only use the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure you the highest quality job.


This is the most important part of any concrete job. This is the skeleton of your new concrete and is what holds everything together for nearly forever. Have you ever walked on an old city sidewalk and noticed the slabs were uneven? This is because there is no rebar holding it all together and as the ground underneath shifts and settles so do the slabs. Rebar ensures that all the slabs settle evenly and you never have this problem.


Some companies may try to tell you that wire mesh is better because it covers more area. This is not true, even though it may seem like more area is covered, the wire mesh is much thinner therefore more fragile and won’t last nearly as long as rebar, not to mention in many cases the wire is also left practically under the concrete and not strategically centered like our rebar.

Concrete PSI

This is the strength of the concrete mix itself. Many companies might use 3000 PSI concrete mix to save money, but at Silva Stamped Concrete we only use concrete with a minimum of 4000+ PSI providing a much stronger mix and avoiding potential problems in the future.


Fiber Mesh

Many companies will not use this or may even try to replace rebar with it to save money. Fiber mesh is a secondary reinforcement that we use to increase concrete strength and minimize the chances of cracking resulting in further long-term durability.


 Color Hardener

While some companies prefer to use integral color in their concrete to save on labor, or use a low quality color hardener which may actually weaken the concrete just to save money, we only use the highest quality color hardener on the market today, which provides a hard, long wearing, abrasion resistant surface. Color hardener also allows us to use a variety of colors for a more realistic look versus one solid color, this also makes it easier to make any changes or repairs in the future.


Control Joints

Some companies make their control joints asymmetrical with the concrete’s pattern making the overall appearance unattractive. At Silva Stamped Concrete we have a special method of making our control joints parallel to the pattern. This ensures the control joints do not sacrifice appearance.



At Silva Stamped Concrete we only use the highest quality sealer, while other companies might use a cheap water/latex based sealer that won’t protect or last as long as a high quality sealer does. We also apply the sealer with a special sprayer versus a roller. This ensures a nice thin coat is applied avoiding excess build up that can cause flaking, yellowing, etc. and that no roller marks are ever found in the future. We can also make our stamped concrete slip resistant using a special additive that we always include in our sealer.


Lifetime Warranty

While most companies offer you little to no warranty at all, we will guarantee our work for as long as you own your home if you have us come inspect and seal your stamped concrete once a year. Check out our 10+ year old jobs in our gallery to see how your stamped concrete can withstand time like no other pavement choice today! For more information on our warranty please read the details on the back of our proposed contracts or check out our website for more information.


Customer Satisfaction

At Silva Stamped Concrete our top priority is customer satisfaction. A job is never complete until our customers are more than satisfied. We have been in business for nearly three decades because we are here to stay and here to help. Check out our testimonials page or just ask any of our past customers!